our life in a few snapshots.

i hate rubbing it in that i love my iphone, but i am loving snapping shots of our little mcnugget (i have approximately 100 nicknames for him) and now 1000 pictures in the matter of weeks. 

here are a few pics (insgrams) of the last few weeks. they have been great. not sure if it's the mild winter or the sweet baby, but i am usually not this happy this time of year...

let's recap. 

{ disney. }
magic kingdom is not quite what i remembered. it's different when you are a kid, but it was still great to get to go with our little family (& some of our best friends)

{ running. }
trying to run again. starting with 10 min jogs. bonus is i have a jogging stroller and little jbird can come along for the ride!

{ j's first swim! }
 pretty sure jude was thinking...what's the big deal. it's like a lukewarm bath. 

{ been making lots of earrings. }
(new favorite item - vingo bingo! earrings)

{ knitting. }
i have a secret goal to actually use crafting supplies i buy without continuing to by new ones. (anyone else have this problem?) i made an infinity scarf that has been keeping me warm and happy lately. 

 { pants on the ground...pants on the ground... }
actually pants on the head, but still so cute. 

{ lucy + jude }
lucy has taken quite a liking for little j. she lets him grab her and i snap a pic of her resting her head on him. this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

happy thursday ya'll.

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