a hot crafty mess

making decisions. i am so terrible at it. i am a crafty hot mess lately. i have realized a few things.

1. it's hard to get things done with a baby. regardless of the fact that he sleeps every 2 hours and that he is basically very agreeable and easy going i feel like i always need to have an eye on him.

2. when you are in the creative business, it's hard to cram it into an hour of nap time. especially when you are as scattered as i am.

this february i am trying to update some of my packaging and my logo and my website. thus far it has been much harder than expected. i know that once i make up my mind it will be worth the trouble and i will not have to think about it again for awhile.

this afternoon, while little j bird was napping i rearranged my craft room instead of working on the packing. i am trying to be more deliberate about spending time in here when i am trying to get things done.

i am just showing you a happy little corner of the room that is actually organized. and i just started reading cold tangerines.

enjoy your weekend!

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