engagement photos :: ashley + tyler

so now i've shared ashley & tyler's engagement party pictures i thought i would also share their engagement photos. i am hardly totally an amateur photographer. i don't know that i can even claim amateur - because an amateur by definition is someone that does something for the love of it. i do love taking pictures, but i really don't do it that often. two falls ago, i got to take pictures of my friends, stephanie + andrew. this spring i got to do it again. if you didn't catch my previous post - we had some serious fun on a rope swing during the shots.

my disclaimer again....i am totally unqualified to do this.

they met in high school. so that seemed like a good place to start.

they are easy subjects as you can tell. we then moved down to seashore state park. 

the sunset was awesome. i am not sure i have figured out how to really work the sunset pics yet, but i like it nonetheless. 

the woods in seashore state park are majestic. 

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