six months!

it's hard to believe that little jude has been in our lives for 6 whole months. it has been a crazy, awesome 6 months, let me tell you. he does grow fast. i do know that now. but what can you do about that? not much. well not anything, except enjoy the present with him.

it's funny how parenthood shifts. challenges change. at first it was so hard to get the hang of everything. he slept a TON, but i was wiped out, exhausted from not sleeping through the night and recovering from a c-section. i just would look forward to when he would sleep through the night and when i would finally get a handle on his needs.

now he is sleeping through the night (praise God!), but he game has changed. i usually can figure out why he is crying. we just started real big boy food.

it's so fun to watch him get excited about eating. he loves to eat just like his mom & dad. no big surprise there. now we're just on rice cereal;  i guess we'll see what the doctor recommends on wednesday. 

big boy food means more dishes and big boy poops (gross).

another development too is that this little boy is on the move. 

he's not quite crawling yet, but he is a great scootcher. he can pretty much get wherever he wants to go and that's scary. today i found him holding a dog bone. i freaked out, but fortunately he had still had the pacifier in his mouth and had not chewed on the dog bone.....

and the bumbo maybe in retirement now that he has figured out how to take off the tray and get his legs free. 

although this allows for much free time for me, especially since he does not love the daytime naps so much anymore, it is wonderful. we can't believe God has given us such a great gift in this little boy. 

all this movement from little j bird has made it much harder for me to get work done...both around the house and with one delightful button. more on that soon. how i try to balance the two. try is the key word. 

happy tuesday

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