moving on

we have left sweet saranac & are officially in hamilton, ma. what a whirlwind. i'm so tired, but for some reason blogging is more appealing to me than reading mockingjay. (sorry all you hunger games fans!)

our new, temporary home seems to be a great fit for us. i'll post pictures soon. it is affordable, cozy, furnished, fairly baby-friendly. what more could a girl ask for? philip and i are in the market for baby gates though to keep the babe out of the fireplace and other places they aren't so good for a baby.

i have not completely set up my shop here, but we are open for business...

we are in olympic-mode now. philip loves the olympics and is not above watching things like women's skeet shooting simply because it's the olympics.

it's still summer, but it doesn't really feel like it because philip is starting his new job and i am still doing my full-time job as jude's mom.  good thing he has started to sleep through the night again because i was starting to lose my mind.

this has been a random update of sorts. thanks for reading. pictures of the house soon.

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