17 (almost 18 week) update

Here's my lovely mirror shot for the week that you may have seen on instagram...
how far along? 17 weeks - 18 on tuesday! time is slowing inching forward....

maternity clothes? just for pants mostly. my belly is definitely growing, but i just invested in a good pants of maternity jeans. i also was surprised by how hard it was to find skinny jeans in maternity. i had to settle for some gap straight leg jeans. 

symptoms? still queasy at times, still have the appetite of michael phelps, soooo tired (wishing this would stop, but i almost always want a nap or at least time to lay down for a bit in the afternoon

sleep? just wish i could get more of it. some nights i'm ready for bed at 8:30pm and still need a nap in the afternoon. my hips hurt at night to sleep on and i have to rotate sides. i pulled out my log from last pregnancy and i had that same problem, but totally forgot! 

movement? just the occasional flutter i think

cravings? love pickles, olives, anything salty (old wives would say that means boy...)

aversions? coffee sometimes, when my hair gets it my mouth...really depends on how the mood strikes me...i get a sugary taste in my mouth if i have anything sugary so i am somewhat turned off by sweets, but that doesn't mean i'll turn down a milkshake

gender? we should know soon...

belly button? basically did not go back in after jude was delivered, and occasionally aches - my midwife thought that was a little strange, but who knows

i'm not going to update you on my weight gain so far - its far too depressing to be a pregnant woman in new england in the winter. we left for church and it was 5, but felt like -11. i miss walks outside and we are considering joining the YMCA so that I can get some exercise. 

thanks perfectly pollock - i stole your pregnancy question list! 

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