oh naptime

I think I may be resigning myself to thinking my child just may be one of those people that does not need to operate on a lot of sleep. To my dismay, I am not one of those people...I love sleep. I do not love naps, but I love to be able to sleep in and since I have been limiting myself to one small cup of coffee during pregnancy, that makes it extra hard to operate on less sleep.

Lately, this remake of Lorde's song has summed up my existence. If you don't feel like clicking, let me hit you with a few highlights... (sing to the tune of Royals)

I never set my alarm clock anymore
I wake up before the dawn, I get up early
And I’m not proud of my outfit
It’s three am
And the baby’s screaming
And every minute’s like diapers, Thomas, splashin’ in the bathtub
Juice stains, snack traps, screamin’ in the minivan
They don’t care, we can’t remember the last time we dreamed
But everybody’s like swaddles, white noise, sleeping with your baby
Warm milk, rocking, let them cry it out now
We don’t care, we haven’t slept in a couple years
At least it adds some humor to the situation. 
Here's our schedule though...perhaps someone can shed some light on what the heck we should try next. Jude is 27 months old and can easily and safely crawl out of his crib and has been for the past month. 

5:20am - (approx) - Jude comes in our room and says mommy, daddy, downstairs. I turn off all the lights he has already turned on (his bedroom light and the hallway light) and tell him it's too early, he can play in his crib or sleep with us. 
5:25am - Lays in bed with us, not sleeping, but occasionally crying, kicking, demanding to watch a "show"
5:40am - We give in a hand him the iPhone since no one is sleeping anyway
6:30am - Philip gets up with Jude, I sleep for another 30-60 minutes depending on Philip's schedule
9:00am - Jude is fussy and could almost fall asleep in the car in a matter of minutes (CLEARLY HE IS TIRED)
11:30am - Lunch and then nap
1:30-2:30pm - Wakes from his nap
7:30-8pm-ish - Bedtime

So my current theory is that his daytime nap is too long. I love nap time and I really do not want to give it up and I feel like he needs a nap because he will sleep in the car if we are out around nap time. My plan is to wake him after an hour to an hour and a half of daytime sleep. (cue me crying)

The other glitch is we don't want to give up our entire evening. Being pregnant, I am usually ready for bed around 9pm and it seems a little crazy to me to need to put a toddler to bed after 8 just to get a decent night sleep. Also nights, he has stayed up later, he generally still wakes up prior to 6am like clockwork. 

Anyone out there with any clue to what's going on? Anything you have switched in your toddler's schedule to get them to sleep a little later? 

Also, one of my favorite twitter feeds for funny toddler behavior is the honest toddler. I'll close with a few of his thoughts on the time change...

have a great weekend! here's to (fingers crossed) not getting up before the sun!

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