boston + north shore: a weekend trip

So far we have had a number of friends and family make the trek all the way up to the Boston area to see us. It is about a 12 hour trip from Virginia so we always appreciate when family makes the trip. 

I am so excited that two of my best friends are coming to visit in two weeks for a long weekend and am starting to dream up plans. However, this is New England, all winter plans could be trumped by whatever the forecast is, but we are okay with that. Nikki and Stacy are my two best friends from high school and we have stayed in touch over the years. Also, they are twins...so that's fun. Oh and Philip and I met at Nikki and her husband's wedding. 

They'll both fly into the Logan Airport so we are planning on at least spending a little time in the city. They have only been once as far as I know for a short trip. However, January is no time to spend a ton of time outside so I don't think the freedom trail will be in our forecast. 

I am not sure how much historical stuff we'll do. I have done the freedom trail at least three times now (never with an official guide though), but we mostly want to catch up together and see a little bit of the city. The Marriott has this fun graphic of a few of the iconic things to do in and see in the city. 

I am certainly no expert only being here a year, but places we'll mostly make a visit to: 
  • Newbury Street (if they want to shop)
  • The Boston Commons (since its right by Newbury Street)
  • Possibly Lunch at the Original Regina's in the North End or Tasty Burger (I have never been to the Harvard location or really into Cambridge besides driving through so maybe this is the time?)
  • A pastry's from Mike's  
Outside of the city (the north shore has a lot of history too and fun sights to see): 
  • Breakfast at Sugar Mags (one of the best breakfasts in the North Shore plus fun atmosphere in Gloucester)
  • Drive through and possibly stop in Rockport (Bearskin Neck area)
Rockport from this summer...ahh, summer...
  • Drive through Essex & check out some antiques - possibly eat at Woodman's

That's as far as I have gotten so far - if you are local, is there anything you would add? This is my first time going into the city without Philip so I will probably not be too ambitious with plans... 

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