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{2011 Perplexed Birdies Calendar by Collete Papiere}
I do not really like resolutions, but I do like goals & to do lists...so I have a few for 2011 & thought I would share. Perhaps this will help keep my accountable to doing some of them.

{1} learn to sew - I know the basics, but want to sew a pillow sham & learn how to do the basics
{2} only go to the grocery store once a week - odd goal, but I ALWAYS end up having to go several times & it takes so much time & energy.
{3} live a neater/cleaner life. okay, totally not measurable, but I have noticed that I have this cycle of my house/car/etc gets messy as I am busy during the week & then it takes me all day Saturday to clean it up. I want to figure out how to live a more organized day to day schedule where I am not letting everything pile up.
{4} read a book a month - could be a spiritual book or a book for fun, but once a month
{5} get into two more local boutiques with my button jewelry
{6} exercise 3x a week - enough said.
{7} continue to blog on a semi-daily basis
{8} journal & remember what God has done - my friend reminded me this week how important that is
{9} redecorate our master bedroom - we love the colors, but Philip wants to build a new bed with  storage & I love that idea.

...so that is a start...i'm sure there's more...

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  1. Good goals! I have some the same but my opinion is sometimes you don't need to have too cleaner life or where will you take an inspiration from? ))))


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