craft room/study

I have been working on my craft room slash study for the past two days. It is not where I want it yet, but I thought I would share my progress. Looking at the before picture - I can't believe how big of a mess it was. Part of the problem is we just got back from break and I just kind of dumped everything in there. Part of the problem is...I always just put random thing in that room!

I also got some tubs at Home depot that I really think are pretty...
{I always find I need something pretty for some motivation}

This room is still a work in progress. I also bought a rug for my dressing room, but also liked it in this room. I haven't decided where it should stay yet (you can see the rug on the second picture) I am planning an inspiration board in place of she Escher print. I am thinking a big cork board or something that will allow me to put up ideas, etc. 
I'll keep you posted!     

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  1. It's always refreshing to change our crafting room up. Somehow, it inspires us!

    Happy decorating!


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