philip's birthday

I had a previous blog that I have canceled so I wanted to re-post one of my favorite memories of my wonderful husband in honor of his birthday today....{it was from July this summer}

So here I am...in the lovely state of New York. My life is so strange sometimes. My husband and I work for Young Life. And we get the privilege of working at the beautiful camps Young Life owns during the summer. Some would not consider this a privilege, but we do. We have to uproot and move our lives for a month, live in a house with other families, share meals together... And I love it...well usually at least.

Philip loves it, too. I think he feels more free to be himself here. Perhaps too free. While out to dinner last night, with some of our friends, we noticed it was karaoke night at a small local American bar on the river. Philip loves karaoke, but I have never seen him do anything like this before...he requested the song, "Pour some sugar on me" and as he approaches the mic he just goes ahead and takes off his shirt. What?

There were about 40 people in the bar, maybe more. And he belted out the song...a few of the waitresses brought some handfuls of sugar and threw it on him. A local woman came up to him afterward and said,
"That was a treat. I haven't seen that much skin in quite some time."
I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.

happy birthday philip! 
i love you. 

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  1. Too funny! Life should be enjoyed! Sounds like ya'll have that going on!

    have a wonderful day!



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