how to make a fabric covered bulletin board

{ make this cute bulletin board }

  • Home Decor Fabric (a few inches extras larger than the area of your bulletin board)
  • Cheap Bulletin Board (i got one at Ollie's...super cheap)
  • Staple gun
  • Hammer (i just used this when the staple didn't go in all the way to hammer in)
  1. Lay fabric on bulletin board to make sure it covers the entire surface area. If you have extra, cut it off, but leave at least a few inches along the borders.
  2. Align the fabric on top of the board to make sure the design is situated at the way you want it to look. 
  3. Begin by putting one staple in the center of the right side of the frame. Pull the fabric tight, then do the same on the left side. Continue putting staples on opposite sides, keeping the fabric tight. Repeat on the top and bottom sides, and make neat hospital corners when you reach the edges & staple them down. 
  4. Viola! Enjoy your fun + easy bulletin board. 

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