goodbye long hair.

 Here I am around the time of Thanksgiving with my lovely long hair. I love having long hair. It is my favorite way for my hair to be, but I just couldn't take it anymore. Lately I have felt like I was just wearing it wet or messy, didn't feel like drying it, it was all tangled...

So I went to the Hair Cuttery and had it chopped off. I had no agenda - it was kind of thrilling. I had enough hair cut off that I could donate it to locks of love. Whaaat? I feel like in middle school I planned for a whole year to grow my hair long enough to donate it.

I would love to share a picture, however, my computer is not recognizing my isight camera (come on apple!).

I like having a change, but I don't think I am converting to short hair. You know when people look at your hair & they are like, do you like it? Well it's okay. I did it more out of frustration & function then belief that my hair looks better short.

On a side note, I am still really enjoying the Bachelor. I watch it the day after it runs & I am finding it so freaking entertaining. Please do not judge me. Michelle is a little bit evil for me, but it keeps me watching.

Anyways.....enjoy the rest of your week! Almost Friday!


  1. we want a pic! we want a pic! we want a pic!

  2. kinda scary face in that pic. i'm with stax, we wanna pic!


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