a very sick valentine's weekend.

ughh. i am sick. and it's the weekend. i am sad. sorry no picture of the hair. i had philip take one today, but i don't have the energy to go get the cord for the camera.

we were supposed to go out tonight to either outback or carrabas (two of my favorites, plus we have a gift card) to celebrate valentine's day because our valentine's day will be celebrated with 100 of our high school friends at young life club on monday. this has been an interesting year of that happening. our anniversary, philip's birthday, and now valentine's day will all have fallen on a night we have young life. not that i am complaining. just an observation.

so instead of going out, i'm sitting on the floor in the kitchen while philip is making some sort of pasta shrimp dish. did i mention that i love him? and instead of me making these really yummy looking homemade peppermint patty treats i am listening to taylor swift in my pajamas. not because i want to, but because philip just hit play on my ipod and that's what came up.


oh runny nose & headache, please go away.

sorry if this is a downer. thank you philip for serving me and loving me when i am feeling this way.

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  1. Those look so tasty - it's inspiring me to bake. Also, I love Taylor Swift. She makes me think of cornfields and the perfect high school cliche. :P


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