grab bag.

 sorry emily. my sister has been bugging me about blogging, but i just have had too much going on this week. but finally...we will have a weekend home! we have been out of town the last two weeks & it makes the week feel so much busier. i have a list of things i want to do like bathe lucy, but i mostly want to relax and spend time with my boo. oh and i guess watch the super bowl, but i don't really care about the game.

lucy is bugging me as i am typing...

i am also hoping to make so chili since i haven't been cooking a lot of soup lately...& this is my favorite time of year to make soup. 

i also want to try & sew like i had mentioned last post. i was playing with shipping tags & made these little gift tags. i haven't decided what i'll do with them yet though...

they may be something i list or just use myself. i also have had fun making these aged shipping tags...

i am selling those in my pipe + dream shop though. 

anyways, hope your weekend is restful + fun!


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