i'm still here.

My sister asked if my blog had died. No. It hasn't. I just have been busy and haven't been able to carve out anytime to blog/I haven't felt like I have had anything to say. Here are a few pictures to catch you up. 

Big news! The island is almost finished. And I love it! I was nervous about the butcher block and if we were making the right decision. Also nervous because Philip found a deal online. He tends to do this and it usually works out fine, but I was nervous that I wouldn't like it. We are really happy with it & with some paint, caulking & oil for the countertop it will be ready to go in a few days. 

I still need to find some stools though...

In other news, we had a lovely little snow a few weeks ago & it was a gift to me. I missed the big snow in Virginia Beach over Christmas so I enjoyed having a day off school & sleeping in. Fortunately it melted quickly & we've had a few warm days lately....hopefully more to come! 

That's all for now...enjoy your week!

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  1. I love this island! Hope one day I'll have kitchen of my dream with an island table too.


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