no baby yet.

Yesterday was my due date. My unborn child did not get the memo. We are still waiting. I am 75% effaced...2cm dilated....the babe's position is 0. All good progress, but now we wait. I have never been really good at waiting. I'm hanging in there though.

I am still working a few hours a day. People have told me to take off and some days that is nice, but I am afraid of sitting around and being aggravated that he is not here yet. I think I should look for a good fiction book to keep me busy. Any suggestions?

I'd love to sit on our screened in porch and read. We had a great taste of fall weather last week, but we're back in summer again. I am still pretending its fall. (Officially the 23rd I believe...so mostly our little baby will be a fall baby - even though most people think its fall already).

a snapshot of our lovely screened in porch from last halloween
I have found it's harder for me to want to go places at this point. Everyone laughs about how the baby is not here yet and I think it makes me anxious. And I get tired of answering questions about whether he is here or not. Obvi we will let you know people!

Anyways. Waiting. And sorry if I sound sassy.


  1. we ain't in no hurry! he can come when he wants!


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