how to make furniture lovely + shiny

We have been working hard to make the baby's room wonderful. We are also still very cheap. This was the look of the furniture before Philip made it beautiful and shiny and white. 

The changing table was purchased for $10 at the Thrift Store. The dresser was $75 from our favorite antique store in Norfolk - Country Boy.

Here's what he did: 

  1. Strip the dresser with paint stripper
  2. Light sanding
  3. Oil-based primer, then lightly sanded (repeat 2x)
  4. Two coats of high gloss paint
  5. Two coats of water based polyurethane
...I am grateful that he is super patient because that is a lot of painting & waiting, but we love the final product!

Only a few more things to do. Hopefully we will be ready for him when he is ready!

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