40 weeks (on tuesday)

I can't believe we have made it this far. Nine months feels like forever. I feel like I have been pregnant for an eternity.  Am I ready to have the baby? Yes, but I am also just used to the uncomfortableness of being pregnant. The baby is somewhere around the size of a watermelon....and he feels like it this weekend. I feel like Philip has to pull me up off the couch most of the time and then my feel hurt to walk on. And don't get me started on my knees. I haven't done lunges in quite sometime because of the terrible pain associated with bending my knees. 

I'm not one of those huge - whoa! - pregnant people. In my mind I am not that much bigger than I was earlier this summer, though I am sure I am. The doctor estimated last week the baby was about 7lbs. We'll see. I had high hopes he would come early. It just seemed like a good idea, but so far it is not looking like he is going to make an early appearance. I am 1cm dilated & 75% effaced if you know the lingo and this was two weeks ago....I did not have them check me again because I didn't want to know if I had not progressed. I go again tomorrow & I will be having them check this time.

I also had in my mind that the baby would be here by the time new shows started coming on. (like Modern Family & Grey's & the Office this week). That may not be the case.

Enjoy your Sunday & this fall weather!

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