baby's first halloween

May I just say that I am so glad Halloween is over? I just do not really like that holiday. Maybe Jude will help me to enjoy it more, but I just don't like the whole dark theme to it. Dressing up is fun. And I like candy...but did you know this is one of the times of the year where people get sick a lot more frequently because of eating so much more sugar??

We had a little cow for Halloween. Ironic because he milks me all the time. Sorry, but true.

We went to Chipotle for $2 burritos...

And Jude slept...

Then we went to Leadership for Young Life...(we were farmers)

Not so happy baby...

Happy at home...what a big boy.

Now lets get onto the good holidays!

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  1. SO CUTE! i was a lumberjack, and by that i mean i happened to wear flannel. :-/


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