jude's birth story - part II

We went into the hospital very early Wednesday morning for the scheduled c-section. It was exciting and really scary. They prepared me for the surgery and after meeting nurses, doctors, next thing I knew I was in the surgery room and Philip was sitting by me waiting for them to begin. 

It happened really quickly. I could hardly feel anything besides some pressure on my stomach as they pushed him out. At 8:14am Judah William arrived. They had my husband snap a picture of him and the whisked him away. This part was hard for me. And still is. I had to look at my baby on the camera before I got to see him in person. Does this seem cruel to anyone else? I only grew him inside of me for 9 months. Then Philip went to be with him and take pictures while they sewed me up and Jude got cleaned up. After a few minutes they brought him to me. And that was wonderful. He was not quite as big as they feared – still big though. 9lbs 10oz. 16cm head circumference. Ouch – tell me how that fits out a hole that expands to 10cm. (One reason to be thankful for a c-section…)

As I said at the start, nothing about this day went as planned for me. But I had my sweet Jude. And he was & is perfect. He is here and healthy. A lot of my concerns about the c-section were not as bad as I thought. A month later I feel like I am almost fully recovered. My son is nursing wonderfully. He has healthy lungs. It still makes me cry when I hear about someone giving birth or see it on TV.  I am still healing from this, but I look at Jude and have to be grateful.
meeting Jude for the first time 

enjoy your weekend! 


  1. Hey Katie, I don't remember how I came about your blog but I love keeping up with you and your adorable new family. I thought it was really interesting reading this post...I had Caroline via c-section due to her being footling breach. I was devastated because it ruined my birth plans as well.. I tried the trans-version even to see if we could flip her, which did not work and I DO NOT recommend, way more painful than the c-section in my opinion! I remember people telling me I was crazy for being sad, etc. But I too felt as though I missed out on one of the most womanly things a woman can do. I was really sad about it for a long time but now I don't even think about it. I have this wonderful gift and it really doesn't matter how they come into the world just that they are here!

    Congratulations again! Parenting is the toughest, most wonderful challenge!

  2. Thanks so much, Nancy! Caroline is so cute!


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