week 5

me & jude are having a good week. it's chilly outside, but we are still getting to walk some. he is almost out of his 3 month clothes. last night we had our best night of sleep yet! we'll see how tonight goes before i consider this the new norm, but he did a 6 hour stretch last night and then a 4 hour stretch. our pediatrician okayed it because he is gaining weight so well. yipee! 

i am learning how to share the parenting with philip. i think the first few weeks i put pressure on myself to do everything. i thought it was my job to care for judah, but i am learning to share it with him. especially in the evenings. i realized if i ALWAYS do everything, i NEVER get a break. i also assumed it was an inconvenience to Philip too, but i shouldn't think of it like that. i am helping him to learn to parent our son. if you are a parent, what do you do to share the parenting with your spouse? 

i am glad to have 5 weeks under my belt of recovery. i am advised not to exercise another week, but i feel mostly normal. a strange little tid bit is that i may never recover feeling where the scare was. weird. 

speaking of scar, i will post jude's birth story soon. 

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  1. Already out of 3 month clothes at 1 month? Wow! Way to GROW!
    John and I share in the parenting in the evenings as well. Once he comes home he takes Luke so I can finish making supper. After we eat as a family, John plays with Luke for an hour or so, every night, so I can have some down time to relax or just finish things I couldn't earlier in the day. Baths are Luke are always a join task on evenings he gets a bath. Since Luke isn't bottle fed, John can't help with feedings but he does do the burping oftentimes after I nurse. Any little way you can get dad involved, do it! John is only home with Luke and I for about 3 hours before Luke goes to bed, so each little moment he has with his daddy is precious.
    The new mom complex of "I am mom, I can do it, hear me roar" is all too familiar. Let go and let dad help out. It'll make everyone happy!


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