must. stop. blogging.

i have really enjoyed blogging the past few weeks while i have been home with jude. here's the problem. for some reason it's easier to blog than do some things around the house. i happen to be sitting in a room with unfolded laundry, my dirty dish from dinner, a to do list with real things to do on it, unstamped birth announcements..........

and i am sitting on the computer blogging & making the blog look prettier. (any thoughts on what i have done so far? i am not html-er, but i am trying)

i need to take a little hiatus until i can get my priorities straight. if i blog again tomorrow...hopefully that means i have done so...or it means procrastination has taken a hold of me once again.


  1. wow! looks great! i like what you've been blogging lately! :) don't stop!

  2. I love the new design! :)

    Keep posting! Join the rest of us with laundry sitting in the dryer, bills left to be paid & showers waiting to be had. I love to read your blog!


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