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If you haven't seen on instagr.am, I just have a new item hot off the presses that I am really excited about. I have been starting to expand to more than just button jewelry and have really enjoyed sewing lately.

This item, I also enjoy because it is personally helpful to me to have a wristlet for my keys. I always find myself shoving my keys in my pockets because I am holding groceries or a baby or something else. Having the wristlet keychain, has been a big help me.

So there's my shameless plug. And here's the cute keychains with four adorable options!
find them here on my site + soon at b.original in virginia

In other exciting news, One Delightful Button is in our first Massachusetts shop. We are still in Virginia Beach in B. Original and a few last things still in Kitsch in Norfolk. Plum is a new adorable consignment shop in Beverly that opened this summer. Pictured is the outside of the shop. I was initially drawn to the awesome logo. It does not look like a typical consignment shop - it is stunning. 

If you are local, please check out Plum Consignment. So cute.

Anyways...it's Saturday morning. The boys are sleeping (thank you Lord!) and I have business work to do this weekend, so back to my coffee and my projects.


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