our temporary home

Here is a little tour of our temporary home. I'm not sure how much I show personalize it considering we have no idea how long we will be here. The house is furnished, as I mentioned. I brought a few quilts to make it feel like our own. I think we think it is a good fit for us in this season of life and for a short while...

The entryway + kitchen...

I love the open shelves for cabinets in the kitchen. White cabinets are always my favorite. 

Check out these awesome old hardwood floors that run throughout the house.

The state of the living room is a bit sad currently. There is too much for the little mister to get into so we have barricaded the room with luggage and tables to avoid potential problems. It's makes my life a little easier, but it does not look cool. 

I have a little home office set up on the end of the living room. Nothing says welcome to our home like a sewing machine and a shelf full of crafts, right?

Philip and I's room. My bedspread...that is important to me feeling comfortable. 

The only bathroom. Haven't figured out how to really use the bear-foot claw tub. Looks cool, but is not really functional because there is no where to put our soap, etc when J takes a bath.

The little buddy bear's room. Maybe the best room in the house. Our quilt. His crib. Feels like home.  

Plus he likes it. 

Bye bye!

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