can't seem to blog lately.

hello friends + strangers.

blogging has been on my mind some lately, but i just can't seem to crank one out. too much going on. good things. tiring things.

just when i think i have got the sleep thing down with j, he wakes up at 1:30, 5, and then 6 for the day. we've had lots of visitors. and i still haven't taken all the birthday decorations down. he is still liking the balloons...so why not?

shipped lots and lots of packages in the last week to support the sibigas, exciting.

also fun is the fact that my yellow hunter boots are already making these rainy, cool fall days a little better. along with the fact that i can walk to the post office from our house and there is never a line (virginia beach....worst...post offices....ever...). however, i do think they are a little sick of me bringing 20+ packages in. i may start printing labels from home again, but i am not sure which is more cost efficient and i like the walk. 

a few more keychains online. if your college or desired color combo is not listed, email me at onedelightfulbutton {at} gmail.com

uva // vcu // vt // jmu
i will post j's birthday celebration one of these days. 

happy monday 

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