one. year.

i know my basic grammar. 

one. year. 

i added the . for emphasis because i cannot believe it. 

i can't remember what the weather was like the day jude was born last year. this year it was gross and rainy. i couldn't even get a picture to document the day like i had hoped. and it stayed like that for a week. 

saturday, though, we celebrated and it was a gorgeous new england fall day. growing up in blacksburg, virginia, we had pretty fall days. virginia beach, not so much. i love you virginia beach, but your leaves always left me disappointed. new england knows how to do fall. we are soaking it up. and it's a great time of year for a birthday. 

i made home boy's little shirt spontaneously. i just cut out the letters "o, n, e" and stitched them down. as far as long term, i don't think it will hold up. i have been washing it and air drying it, but it was good for the occasion. 

so little boy, what are you like at one year old? 

++  getting much faster at walking. it's hard to believe you have just been doing it for a few weeks

++ a much pickier eater than you were even a month ago. right now you love bread, macaroni and cheese, and fruit. you'll sort through a plate of food and drop the things you don't want on the floor. 

++  starting to gain more control of your voice, but no definite words. 

++ everything is a game. and a cell phone. you love to play. and you pick up most things that look like an electronic and put it to your ear. 

++ you love bath time. 

++ you are super social. you love being in the nursery with other babies and you light up when you see other kids. 

we think you are the best, jude. you may never read this blog. but we love you. we are so glad God gave you to us.

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