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baby boy is one...

i have no good pictures so far. i planned on his first birthday dressing him up in his shirt that i made for him and taking some cute pics. well the weather did not cooperate and has continued to be a nasty, cool, rainy week. literally. tomorrow is our first day of sunshine. hallelujah! hopefully we will grabs some pictures and we will celebrate for reals on saturday. with friends. we will be missing our old friends in virginia, but we are grateful that we have a few friends to celebrate with here. 

and there will be a birthday posts. and a party post. we are going relatively simply, brunch. excited. 

right now, i am enjoying mumford and son's babel album. it is good. surprisingly good. 

philip's home so g2g. 

back soon. 

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  1. can't wait to see those little baby TOMS! :)


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