feeling settled.

what does it take for you to feel settled somewhere?

i have moved quite a few times in my life, like most people in their twenties i would guess. college, post-college at least allows for a few moves. at times i feel fairly settled in our new place, but then sometimes i get really irritated that i am using a cardboard box as my night stand.

i am not sure how bloggers like young house love live with a portion of their house feeling not like you want it to feel and just having to wait until you have time to do the next thing.

we are making progress. yes. remind me that.

our living room. rug still not staying. just something old to fill the space for now. still to do: add a mantle, mount tv above mantle. figure out what to do with the fabric on the chair.

ugh. this will change within the next month i think. finish the hardwoods on the stairs. table the discussion on putting in a real railing for now. we also have a nice coat closet, but honestly, i don't like having to hang up coats all the time. we may consider opening it up and doing a bench and cubbies and hooks.

dining room is feeling a little better. still need a buffet or china cabinet, but i think we have settled on a rug. it is thin, but cute. from here

started to feel settled, but certainly not there yet. hopefully i will find some settledness in the progress we have made. craft room pics coming soon!


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