winter blues

Do you ever get the winter blues?

I normally do. Off and on at least. I usually feel like post Christmas it is so long until its warm again and February and March drag on with their cold depressing weather. Last year, I didn't feel like that. Partially I think because everything was new and exciting with Judah last year (still love him, but the excitement of those early mornings are wearing off ). Annnnd the weather was crazy warm. I do love some snow and cold, but it was wonderful to be able to go on walks all year with him, especially with my neighbor who had had a baby a month after us.

Also, starbucks was within walking distance.

We've had a lot of transition lately. Moving to a new area. New job for Philip. A temporary house and then finally in a place of our own. And while I love house projects. Planning them and having a husband willing to do the hard work. Home projects exhaust me. I would much rather spend my weekend touring the area, watching netflix, drinking lots of coffee. I love it when they are done and I know I need to remember that feeling, but in the midst of it - no me gusta.

So much of the time I feel defeated on weekends where we have so much to do. When Jude is running around like a crazy man, into everything he can possibly think to get into except his own toys. The main rub is not that I mind chasing him around, but that I like to sit still occasionally. Homeboy does not like sitting.

Two speeds - sleep or go. And occasionally, I like to get some house work done so I don't feel like I am living in a pig sty. And by naptime, I am wiped. (Sidebar - have you seen the vine app? what do you think?)

This is turning into a whiney post. I'm sorry - its about to turn a corner.

A thought occurred to me Saturday in the midst of this, just do the next thing.

Have you heard this expression? I tried to find a cool quote with it online to cite. I have heard it places and could have sworn I had seen cool prints that say it. Maybe I'll make one for myself to remind myself of that truth.

Apparently Elisabeth Eliot wrote a poem about it that saying. Brilliant woman. I should read more of her stuff.

As most of my posts, this has become somewhat of a stream of consciousness. I am not much of a writer. But this is my encouragement for you and for me. When you don't know what to do, just do the next thing. Sometimes its baby steps towards something you need to get finished. Sometimes the next thing is to pour yourself another cup of coffee and rest for a few. A lot of times I have not made my to do list for the day and then I flounder for a bit thinking....what should I do? just do the next thing. For me a lot of times, that means, praying, Lord, what do you have for me today? And start from there.

I am wondering if I am making sense. It makes sense to me.

oh wells. I need to go do the next thing...

happy monday

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