what i wore wednesday

let me preface this...

i have been listening to tsh's simple mom podcasts, which i love. and she mentioned the what i wore wed posts. i thought, i should do that. it will help me get dressed for the day in something besides yoga pants. so i had my boo snap a photo of me, but i just want to let you know i sort of feel ridiculous doing this so it may be my first + last wiww post. 

ann taylor sweater
red target jean pants
target leopard print shoes (from over 5 years ago)
fossil watch

linking up with other wiww at the pleated poppy


  1. I love your outfit! I hope this isn't your last post! But i totally understand that "i feel awkward" feeling.

    The great thing about linking up for WIWW is it exposes you to more readers.. Like me!

    Plus you get a tone of outfit ideas each week.

    Your blog is great, i'm definitely going to keep reading!

  2. i agree with mrsburnett22! keep the WIWW posts coming!!


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