house update. first floor.

hello old friend...it has felt like a while since i have blogged. we have been so consumed by out house - it has been exhausting, but i wanted to share what we have done so far. i think we are coming out of the exhausting renovation stage, but not out of the dark yet.

so the background on our house - or townhouse, rather. 3 story townhouse - short sale (which went surprsingly quick!) we started work at the end of november. the house was filthy from not being kept up by renters, but the entire house was gutted in 2004 - so most everything was up to date, just not clean. 

the first thing that had to go was the carpets. but first we painted. or my sweet, hard working husband and some friends painted while i chased around the crazy baby man. 

after painting, we ripped up the carpets, and installed unfinished oak floors. i want to say 3 1/4inch. 
loft room
 here are the floors finished. we worked fast. or let me say again, philip worked fast.
floor stain: minwax  honey
 for the past week we have been living in a mess. while we left for christmas, the floors set. when we arrived back from virginia, we (and fabulous friends) moved everything into their proper rooms. however, we got rid of a lot of things we no longer wanted so there is just some settling, purchasing, decorating that needs to happen.

this weekend we started to make some decisions. finally hung some pictures in the kitchen. my weekly food menu is on the board. hopefully this will help me plan food wise for the week. i made the print.
we will eventually replace these counters. not that i don't love the "i already look like i have stuff spilled on the counter already so you can't tell when you spill something" look
these are the stairs heading up from the living room. so we did not do the floors on the main floor yet because we may alter the floor plan. but i also might want to put a real bannister in. however. i am not really fond of looking at the old dirty carpet.
wall color: benjamin moore :  moonshine
living room pic. the changes we still plan to make are: covering the built-in and installing a real fireplace mantel (hopefully old mantel), and then mount the tv above the fireplace. 

please note that i purchased the couch in the picture on craiglist for $20. please note that it is a restoration hardware couch in great condition. insert happy dance. most of the things in our living room probably are not staying there. we are just sorting it all out. 

below is the kitchen - dining room. do you like our boxspring that we could not get up the staircase? also, that lovely chair is a side of the road find. i am going to reupholster it. i may have to do the same fabric though because that orange is really growing on me.

that's all for now - i'll share more pictures soon! 

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  1. $20 for a couch? $20 for a RESTORATION HARDWARE COUCH?! holy moly what a deal!


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