i want to race my dog

Don't judge me, but I decided that I want to race Lucy, our miniature dachshund. I don't know that this will ever be a dream realized, but I sometimes start thinking about weird things like that and then I get fixated on them. Like in high school when I was obsessed with Steve Prefontaine or in college I was fixated on mormonism (not that I was interested in converting, but was just fascinated with the development of it.)

I have always noticed that Lucy is more athletic than other dachshunds - she can jump really high! I am not just saying this because I'm her mother...the girl can jump. And you should see her roll over.
this is actually from november...i didn't  bring my camera last week...
So Philip and I took Lucy to the beach on Saturday because it was warmish. There weren't a lot of people on the bay so I decided to see what would happen if I let her go. She was perfect. She would stick with us and if she started to get ahead I would just call her and she would wait for us. Then she started to run a little bit and we decided it would be fun to run with her. I think this was the best day of Lucy's life. Seriously - when has she ever been able to run free? She is running so fas that I eventually am out of breath, but Philip keeps with her. Also, I note that she isn't running away from us, she is running beside us. (so cute).

Then I decided I should race her. Then I tell Stephanie, our friend, about it at dinner and she tells me that one of her friends that has a dachshund has already done so. It must be something about dachshund owners. Can't you see this though?

okay, i know i am crazy & i am ok with it...


  1. i agree that lu is athletical, but what about her bum leg? love her.

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  3. i just started laughing uncontrollably at work, good thing i'm in here by myself right now. the dachshund race photograph is too funny.

    i've wanted to let judy, my dachshund, run free in my yard for so long now. i think she'd stay with me for the most part, she doesn't often reach the end of her leash, but when she sees a bird land or a squirrel jump she takes off. i can't wait to take them to the beach when it's warmer though.


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