what am i supposed to eat?

This being pregnant thing is so hard! I still am getting sick, feeling nauseous, sleepy, etc...& hoping those things will let up soon, but I cannot figure out what to eat. I am generally a healthy eater. Okay...I don't know if I would really claim that or not, but my friend, Amie thinks that about me so maybe I am comparatively to the some Americans I am. However, I have just been feeling so sick and mostly things that aren't great for me - like Wendy's frostys sounds good. I have barely been able to stomach a carrot and last night's steamed broccoli made me gag as I swallowed it.

And then packing a lunch is a nightmare. I don't always have access to a refrigerator at work, so I usually try to bring something cold. Lately I have been bringing like trail mix and some fruit and water. Sometimes a peanut butter and jelly or honey. Not exactly filling....Then I found out I should not be eating honey. Then I found out that peanut butter is not so great because your baby could have a food allergy or could develop one. Okkkkk. Of course deli meats are off-limits because of listeria. Can I just vent, what I am I supposed to eat??

It gets worse. I had already read I should be avoiding food coloring. Ok, I can handle that. No artificially dyed stuff, which I imagine a lot of food & drinks have, but sure. Yes, I will try to do that. Then today through a conversation, I hear that I should be also avoiding preservatives. A-what? Aren't preservatives in like most foods from a box? And probably in saltines and ginger ale that I have been eating daily for my upset stomach. Then I started to look at some labels. No frozen pizzas, no prepared meals, no lemon juice (which I had been adding to my water to help with queasiness)....among other things that I am sure I have been eating.

I am not like super-stressed or anything. But I am kind of frustrated because I feel like I don't know what to eat. I will try to have a happier post soon.


  1. A picture of your belly would make your readers happy!!!! :)

  2. I found you through a mutual friend's blog. My doctor's advice was to stay away from soft cheeses and deli meat. Most anything else is fine, in moderation. I'm on a blow-pop kick, so if artificial colors are dangerous my poor child will come out looking like a rainbow. :) In all seriousness, don't google stuff online. It will only make you crazy. Trust your doctor and ENJOY this time.

  3. Katie,

    I am also 13 weeks pregnant and feel your pain. I have not had any sickness, however, I know how frustrating it is to feel like you can't eat anything. What's even more frustrating is that no two doctors agree about what you should or shouldn't eat. So, do what you want. Don't put crazy chemicals in your body and try to stick to the list that your doc gave you but when it's all said and done, the Lord is sovereign and our mom's didn't mess with any of this stuff and we all turned out fine!

    Erin D


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