boy or girl

Do any of you all buy those old wives tales about whether you are having a girl or a boy? I would love to know now what we are having...so we could seriously talk about names...think about the nursery...start a registry...starting dreaming about what that will be like, but I think we won't find out for a about 5-6 more weeks. I am not positive, but I think our next prenatal appointment in about a week and a half will not include an ultrasound eliminating our chances of finding out. I've heard you can tell as early as 16 weeks, which I will be 17 weeks....but oh well. We will probably just have to wait.

Speaking of old wives tales, I have been super sick. Even still at 15 and a half weeks I am incredibly sensitive to smells, tastes of food, and feeling a little queasy. The old wives tales, which is partially backed up by some research today, is that if you are really sick it is a girl. However, I have a good friend that was super sick that has a boy. So again who knows!

I did post a survey on the right side of the page and you can vote whether you think it's a boy or girl. Just for fun. for me.

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