we are loving our kitchen!

This year Philip and I have started making breakfast on Sundays after Church. It's a tradition that we both really like. We are loving having the island and stools for the occasion! 

Stools are in action...

Philip cooking breakfast. He made and omelet and made me french toast...which I made homemade syrup since we were all out. Go me. Find the Recipe here

Lucy, of course, is hoping for something to drop on the ground...


  1. Beautiful kitchen! Such fun colors, I love it :)
    I just re-did something in my kitchen as well, but haven't posted pics yet...
    One thing though is we have to have breakfast BEFORE we go to church, or else if the service runs long, we won't make it! haha

  2. Wonderful kitchen!!! Love the colors!

  3. homemade syrup! so impressive! xoxo

  4. You guys did a wonderful job fixing up the kitchen-it looks so bright and cheerful :)


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