mid-week confessions

here are my first midweek confessions...

whenever the baby is napping, i think, i should do things i cannot do while he is awake...like clean the house or make myself lunch. but i am sitting here typing on the computer watching him sleep.

i am happy i have lost most of the baby weight. truth be told it is totally breastfeeding and because i don't feel like making lunch for myself and end up eating apples and cheese and crackers for lunch most days. i do miss my old belly button. maybe i should get belly button reconstructive surgery.

this sounds mean. sorry. but sometimes i feel like there are bloggers that are trying to look cool and just make a cool blog and copy a blog they like, but i think they really have no lives at all. okay, maybe they have lives, but they are trying to project an image. like "i'm so and so and i love my {insert lame object} more than anything. this is my life. " most likely i am NOT talking about you...just sayin'.

sometimes i see bloggers post..."what i wore" posts. and they look all cute and stuff. i think it would be funny if i started a series as well. it will be called "what i really wore" and most likely every week i would be featured in yoga pants with some baby spit up on my t-shirt.

i am a bad blogger. sometimes i get this idea...i should blog. then i blog for like a few weeks. and then it goes silent. then i blog for a few weeks. sorry. maybe you shouldn't bother checking my blog.

i thought it would be hard to think of semi-personal confessions that don't sound too harsh or lame....but i feel like i did ok. except for that one harsh one about lame bloggers. sorry. don't hate me.

those are my mid-week confessions....& i'm linking up....



  1. "What I Really Wore"-too funny! I'd be right there with you in the yoga pants covered in spit up.

    Love the Fuzzibunz on your little one!

  2. We should totally do a what I really wore post. I always wonder how people manage to not only wear something cute, clean, and different every day... But also take phenomenal photos of themselves in it. Oh well.

    Your blog is adorable. Your baby is even cuter.

    Thanks for joining in today!

  3. I wear fat pants and sweatshirts more days a week than I get dressed! :)

  4. What I really wore out to dinner with my family tonight: gray sweats and a pregger huge sweatshirt (I am six months pregnant), and slippers. For real slippers. :)

    And I'm a blogger who goes through "quiet" spells often, too. Glad to read your confessions, today, at least. :)

  5. yeah, i work the yoga pants and t-shirt most days. what's sad is that i feel like i put an effort that day as opposed to the days i stay in my pj's. ha.

  6. What I Really Wore -- so good. I wish I was like those who post daily outfit photos. But no.


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