mid-week confessions

ok, i'll give it another go. it's hard to remember what you already have already confessed...

when i have very little to do...very little gets done...can anyone hear me on that? it has been the nasty dreariest week. i wish a sister could get a little snow around here, but so far it's just been a little bit cold & rainy. with it being a slow retail month for me...i am hardly motivated to get anything done right now. it is no fun.

you don't want to know what i have eaten (or is it ate?) today...let's just say it involves about 12 cookies from trader joe's and not much else. that is very embarrassing. get a grip, katie. it isn't that i don't have some healthy options around the house, but none of them taste as good as the cookies!

i never really think the bachelor is going to work out (the tv show), but i always am disappointed when it doesn't. can we say #wasteoftime?

i can't think of anymore confessions right now...i confess that i really want to watch a movie and knit instead of typing so i think that's what i'll do...

sorry i was kind of lame this week!

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  1. I wish all this rain were snow as well. What makes it even worse is the weatherman who constantly tells me how much snow we COULD have been getting if the weather was cold enough. Come on old man winter!


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