I bit the bullet and I am loving it.

Philip and I had iPhones when they first came out. Then we decided they were too expensive and we downgraded to save money. I was totally fine without it for most
of this past year, but then I started to want some of the features it offered.

One was the square app. Finally I'll be able to run credit cards at craft shows! Yay! This was one of the primary reasons I wanted one.

Better pictures of Jude and the ability to video tape too! I had taken so many crummy photos on the blackberry and thought how sad it was that they were such poor quality that I would never keep. Now I can have good pictures and pretend like they are low quality (aka instagram) - not that I am not intagraming like every few hours or anything.
baby bear on instagram

Much easier email. Enough said.

An etsy app. You could get to your etsy site from a blackberry, but not with as much ease as the app.

I am also blogging from my phone right now. Cool huh?

So I have given into the iPhone once again. Now let's hope I do not become addicted and will still spend time with my family.


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