I've been doing some planning for the new year...

And into free printables online...download this one here for free from Tom Kat. 

The babe has been sick. So sad. He has enjoyed sitting upright in his bouncer...being read to...just straight chillin. The night before he got sick he rolled over. He hasn't felt like doing it since so we're hoping he perks back up soon!

I've been into working on the house lately. Something I didn't have time for in December. I can always think of things to do. I hung a few more pictures on the wall. (And made the print on the far right. Easy peasy. Sometimes I think about buying cute prints online and then I remember all these tricks I learned on photoshop in high school and then I make a print myself....I'm not claiming to be brilliant or anything...)

I've been organizing my craft room like crazy. The sad thing is I did the same thing last January and it very quickly got messy again. But maybe this time it will stick.

I have a little display area set up for friends to look...And look at the pretty buttons on the window sill...I have more to sort to add to my collection...

And I have been making stuff for my shop. I've been working on some really cute Valentine items...

Ok, I'm out of here. Peace out girl scouts.


  1. Such a cute workspace! Where do you get all of your buttons?

  2. I have two big pillows on my bed covered with that very same white/yellow chevron. Thank you Joann Fabrics in VB, thank you Joyce, and thank you Christmas. XOXO


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