is cooking & baking a pregnancy symptom?

for some reason this weekend, i have not felt like cleaning - which my house could really use - or doing my tax amendment, which i also really need to do.......but i have felt like baking and cooking. is this possibly a symptom of pregnancy? or maybe this is me in the second trimester with lots of energy...although it seems to come and go.

i cooked and baked like crazy this weekend. i was going to post pictures and recipes all at once, but to not overwhelm you with five recipes i am going to spread out each recipe i used throughout the week...so stay tuned, but this was from saturday...

cake balls...they would have been cake pops, but why spend the money on popsicle sticks if you don't have to? (recipe credit)
oh and yes, they are supposed to be dipped in the chocolate...but i ran out so i just did a dollop, but that was still good. much better than real cake. no me gusta real cake. and pardon the lighting...it was night time.

it has been a wonderful weekend...more recipes to come...

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