let them have queso!

let the recipes commence & let the women have their queso!

quesopraise the Lord...I have missed you and discovered that normally it is WHITE AMERICAN CHEESE & not queso...a forbidden pregnancy cheese...here's the recipe!

1 package {24 slices} of white American {not the Swiss American– white American}
a couple spoonfuls of chopped jalapenos
milk to thin
Unwrap the cheese and break/cut into small pieces and place in microwave safe bowl. Add a few spoonfuls of finely chopped jalapenos. I like to chop mine in the mini-food processor. I throw a little jalapeno juice in too. Microwave on high for 1 min. Stir and add some milk to thin. Continue to microwave, stir and add milk until you’ve reached your desired consistency.  (credit)

no photo...sorry...but it was delicious!

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  1. I didn't know there was a "forbidden" pregnancy cheese!



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