spring break so far

has been awesome! so excited for summer now - hope i can make it until then after this week. so much left on the list & i'm afraid a lot of it will not happen. 
  • do a major spring cleaning on our house
  • tune up & wash my car
  • go to the beach! 
  • eat on the screened-in porch
  • go shopping with my boo in williamsburg
  • set up a separate bank account just for tithing
  • work on my online shops & get the inventory up to date
  • sew pillows for our couch
  • sew philip's shirts that have torn
  • make a window seat for the dining room (guess who is going to be working on this one?)
  • put quarter round down upstairs in our house
  • put winter clothes in storage.....
we actually added something to the list that i didn't expect. philip has been doing a ton of yard work! we spent about 4 hours on monday going to lowes, home depot & some local nuseries. home depot was by far the best experience, if you were wondering. i still have a lot to do & haven't laid around as much as i had hoped, but still it's been great. 

i'll try to post some pictures of the yard soon! 

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