i think i solved the mystery!

I have been so frustrated trying to figure out how to get my blog back into the google reader.

Perhaps you have no idea what I am talking about...no biggie. But if you notice the little follower box on the right, if you clicked follow prior to me switching my site to onedelightful.blogspot.com, then I will not show up in your reader. I normally just have my favorite blogs bookmarked marked anyway and go directly to them, but if you like to use your google reader and wish to continue to follow me, here's what to do!

1 - unfollow my blog
2 - refollow my blog
3 - do the happy dance

yay me! I love solving little frustrating mysteries like this.

In other news, I have been doing a lot of fun custom orders this spring. I have done a few bridal party gifts and one for a prom.
sample of a few colors not currently for sale online for bridal + special occasions

If you would like information on a custom order for one delightful button feel free to email me. I have more colors than are listed online and love going to the fabric store (minus all the angry women that work there) to get the perfect fabric for you.

xo. happy tuesday!

p.s. the new google blogger is as annoying as i have heard people say! i had been using the old one and i just had to switch. boo hiss. 


thank you reading & leaving a comment!