friday random ramblings

After I posted yesterday's blog about naptimes. and craziness. and crawlingness. Jude took the most incredible nap. 2 solid hours. I honestly got a little bit bored.

We're in that lovely window of time called naptime again today. We'll see how this goes.

I thought I would just post some random thoughts...

  • I'm a gold card member at Starbucks - meaning every 15 drinks - I get a free one of whatever I want. Naturally I am going to go with a venti, the largest size to milk starbucks for all their worth (literally - milk...is that a pun?). Today little J bird and I walked to Starbucks so I could redeem my prize. Let me just tell you, a venti is wayyy too much milk. I normally split it with Philip and it's great, but sadly I didn't even finish it today. 
  • Today Jude pooped in the tub. TMI? I was snapping a pic of him on my phone and then when I looked back down out him there was poop every where. Then we had another clean bath. 
  • Jude somehow managed to remove the up arrow on my laptop. You'd be surprised how much you use the up arrow. 
  • Yesterday I googled diaper coupons because though we do cloth during the day, we use a disposable at night and we were almost out. Hoping to find a good deal on some Luvs, I instead find this blog. I promptly get lost on rabbit trails on how basically most products out there are bad. And the stuff that they may you think is good (like burt's bees or 7th generation) is still often bad. WHHHHHYYYY? Why aren't there more options out there of products that don't mess us up? 
  • I ended up buying 7th generation wipes because they got decent reviews and earth's best diapers because they weren't as bad as the mainstream plain ol' diapers. 
  • One more venting thought about that. Now sunscreen can cause melanoma because of the way the zinc oxide interacts with the sun. Sometimes I get on these rabbit trails and it drives me bananas. Ultimately I know, I can do the research, try to make informed choices and then have to trust that our days are numbered by the Lord one way or another. I surrender again. 
that's all the ramblings for now. yipee! it's friday!


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  1. I researched sunscreens and bought Arbonne for Luke. (If you find something terrible about it, please don't share.) :)

    oh and you gotta try using doublers at night! We almost never have a leak using our system of Bummis prefold, FLIP fleece doubler & FLIP cover. The doubler could work for any kind of diaper system-- it just lays on top of whatever you've got and adds absorbency. You should try some!


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