mid-week confessions

I'm linking up again with my mid-week confessions at e, myself & i...

  • My husband was out of town this past week. I ate an entire trader joe's bbq pizza in one sitting, made a few impulse buys at target, and finished a tub of reese's ice cream. When Philip goes out of town all my self-discipline seems to go out of town with him. 
  • I like the Hunger Games, but not as much as the crazies out there. Part of the problem is no matter how good it is, I would rather look at instagram or pinterest on my phone. Can we say #addicted? 
  • I am having a blogging kind of week. I seem to get on these kicks and then I neglect it for a little while. I mean...have you checked out my weekly baby photo project? I had to change the name to monthly...But this is a blogging week. Maybe it will continue. 
  • Lucy, our pup, is driving us all crazy. Philip keeps joking we are going to leave her when we move and I think that she hears us and is acting out in rage. 
thanks for reading. see you next wednesday...maybe. 


  1. First, I love your blog. Your design, your voice... So cute.

    Second, I LOVE my button earrings... Wear them all the time. The red and white striped pair even made an appearance in the school play a few weeks ago!

    Third, I'm glad I'm not the only one that goes completely off the deep end when my husband's out of town. Sometimes I think I enjoy it a little too much!

  2. 1) i am going to see hunger games tonight for the 2nd time!
    2) i'll foster lucy until you want her back!!!

  3. I lack self-discipline when my husband IS in town, which is...all the time. :)

  4. Im with Ashley. I have none when he is here or not!


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