what I really wore {Mondays}

I thought it would be fun to do a "what I really wore Monday" post. There are so many cute blogs out there that feature moms/women wearing super-stylish, fun clothes, looking very put together. While I totally give them props, that is only me about 25% of the time or less. I try to put myself some days, but some days, let's face it... I wear yoga pants and the shirt I slept in the night before. 

Here is my first what I really wore Monday post...

thrift store cardigan i bought in college
our "young life tonight" shirt
target gold shoes
jcrew matchstick jeans
my new headband from one delightful button

What did you wear this Monday? Anything fun? 

I may make this a link party in the future if anyone is interested in linking up!



  1. you should prolly also tell us what jude really wore. :)

  2. you look cute! I'd consider a "what I really wore" outfit one where I'm in John's shirt, old sweatpants with greasy hair and no makeup. ohh I think I just realized I should never link up!

  3. you're wearing a cute baby, isn't that enough?!

    unfollowing to re-follow :)


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