nap times are now sacred.

Oh how I love little Jude! He is so precious and fun and funny and cute. I never imagined the little baby growing inside of me last year would be anything as wonderful as he is. 

With that said, this crawling thing sure is life changing! Gone are the days where he would lay in his baby gym and I would fold laundry, make jewelry, pay bills...

Now nap times have become a sacred time to me. I am savoring it as I type. So when Jude chose to opt out of his 1-2 hour morning nap time on Monday - I was exhausted. Seriously, almost in tears. 

Our normal morning routine follows something like this...
  • Nurse him when he wakes
  • Change his diaper, outfit
  • Feed him solid foods (rice cereal & a veggie)
  • Prepare my coffee and breakfast while he sits in his high chair
  • Move to the Living room either let him crawl around some and play with toys or play in the exersaucer....You see the exersaucer is wonderful. What did people do before this was invented?

It keeps him happy and entertained and I can actually leave the room briefly without being afraid that he will find something terrible to put in his mouth. Jude will enjoy it anywhere from 10-30 minutes. And yesterday, less than that. 

For the most part, he wants to move. I snapped a few pics. 

Yesterday, was to be a laundry day. My biggest accomplishment besides taking care of Judah was four loads of laundry. Seriously, that is the only other thing I did. It felt kind of defeating. I didn't even get it put away until 10pm last night. 

And alas, we have officially outgrown the bouncer.

I just wanted to check it out the other day and he leaned forward and grabbed the post of the desk, moving the bouncer into official retirement. 

Yes it is okay to just get four loads of laundry done and take care of your precious son. Right? 

I would like to post more on how this has made it challenging to run my button business; we'll see if I can find the time to do that. 


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  1. I feel proud accomplishing 3 loads of laundry...with a stationary baby. 4 loads IS an accomplishment!


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