7 months!

I am totally starting to lose track of Jude's age. No big surprise there. Sometimes I forget my own age. You may find this strange, however, how often do you really think about how old you are? I venture to think not that often.

Well little J man is officially seven months old. He looks like he two. Maybe that's just me, but he's got two teeth coming in up top and two on the bottom! He's a little teething man.

While trying to document this lovely occasion (since I have totally bailed on the weekly photo), he would not sit still. 

I tried to capture the roll...

We have started solid foods, officially now, and are in the throws (did I use that word right?) of vegetables. So far, we like carrots and we do not like green beans. See picture below. It was very humorous. I feel like Jude has probably liked every food he has put in his mouth thus far (milk & carrots & rice cereal & didn't know what to do about not liking something.

He loves standing up or having someone hold him up. As his Aunt Emily says, "he is happy with himself." 

Not his best pic, but you get the gist. Not sure why his chest is exposed. No extra charge for that. 

Happy almost weekend! 



  1. haha! he feels happy of himself! :)

    strange he hates green beans... his momma loves them!

  2. umm little j man? he is a doll. i am glad i am not the only one to hate birds! thanks for the comment on my blog. i am a new follower of your blog. follow back if you'd like.


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